Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Grahammy Poo!!!

This is a very special day. I am married to the reason that makes this day so special. Although he said to me last night a lot of crazy/bad things have happened around his birthday, it has nothing on him. 

The Lord has blessed me so much to have allowed me to be with this man for almost 12 years now, both in our dating relationship and our marriage. He puts up with me and I don't know how, but I am SO SO grateful :) He has taught me many things over these years and I hope I have had the same impact on him. God has truly blessed both of us.  

He is a better dad than I could have ever imagined and is loved more and more every single day by Luke and Reese. He is my rock and loves the Lord. 

This past weekend we celebrated his birthday at the lake and he said he wanted smoked chicken and a crappie cake. I knew exactly what he was talking about. He definitely got his wish because Graham, Luke, Taylor and Jay caught 15 crappie and a catfish. 

He spent a few hours cleaning all of them and we are eating them tomorrow night for his birthday dinner since he is working. His forearms were so burned!

He is definitely still SO good lookin and has been since he was little. Graham and my cousin David were great buddies and played soccer together when they were younger. David was like an older brother to me and was so protective and would not let me date anyone, but Graham. Thanks David, I owe it all to you!!! 

He is the best uncle and will surely be teaching them all sorts of great and crazy things as they grow, even the furry ones. 

He was SO cute as a little boy! And that is obviously an Atlanta Braves hat ; )

This picture completely cracks me up and I'd love for Annie to tell us what he is doing. He didn't like "mixed up food" aka casserole's or "nohdles" so he must have found something that he did like. 

Happy Birthday my love!!! Me encanta tu!!!
And just for kicks, here is the song for your listening pleasure of what I would sing and put on repeat and drive my family crazy listening to when we first started dating. 

Can I get an AMEN for this stud!!!


  1. Remember when you would see a Jeep like Grahams adn you would yell GRAHAM! and kiss your hand and hit the ceiling of the car?? hahaha! Love you and love Graham! Happy bday!!

  2. Amen and Happy Belated Birthday Graham!!! :)